Royalties to Enable a Carbon Negative Future

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Green Star Royalties Acquires Portfolio of U.S. Forest Carbon Offset Royalties and Receives First Carbon Offset Delivery

Star Royalties Ltd. is a carbon credit and precious metals royalty and streaming company. We create wealth by structuring creative investments that prioritize stakeholder alignment, strong corporate governance, and commitments to environmental stewardship to ensure a sustainable future.

Through Green Star Royalties Ltd., our carbon credit royalty joint venture, we fund premium, North American, nature-based climate solutions through carbon credit royalties and streams. We invest in cash flowing and near-cash flowing opportunities in both the voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

Our value-focused portfolio of royalties and streams in carbon credits and precious metals sectors provides significant growth and valuation upside in the near term.

Investment Highlights

Cash Flow Visibility

Significant valuation upside and cash flow growth in both of our precious metals and carbon credit portfolios.

Strong Management

Led by an experienced and award-winning team of capital allocators.

Disciplined Investment

Disciplined and value-based investment approach, focusing on risk mitigation and Tier 1 jurisdictions.

Innovative Royalties

Innovating the carbon finance sector by pioneering the world’s first forest carbon credit royalty as well as the world’s first agriculture carbon credit royalty.

Strategic Partnerships

Originating premium, verified North American carbon credits through world-class strategic and capital partnerships.