About Us

At Star Royalties, we aim to create wealth by structuring accretive transactions that are well aligned with both our counterparties and our shareholders. At our core, we offer investors exposure to carbon offset credits and precious metals by originating high-quality royalties and streams.

Climate stewardship has always been fundamental to our founding principles, and we pioneered the world’s first carbon credit royalties in forestry and regenerative agriculture through our joint venture, Green Star Royalties. We also fund precious metals projects in Tier 1 jurisdictions that meet a strict set of diligence criteria – low geopolitical risk, visibility to cash flow and strong wealth creation potential through exploration.

Aerial view of an open pit mining operation.


We aim to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and wealth creation through asset life extension. Part of our competitive advantage lies in specializing in bespoke and operator-friendly financing solutions. This includes originating, repurchasing and restructuring royalties and streams in the precious metals and green industries.

Our philosophy is to structure mutually beneficial agreements that optimize our counterparties' capital structure, while generating a return well above our cost of capital. We look to become the trusted financing partner for companies throughout the various stages of project development, and the commodity and capital markets cycles.

View of a farmer tending to plants.

Why Partner with Us?

We are not simply investors in projects. We take pride in being collaborative and transparent partners. Our management team has decades of combined industry experience and a deep understanding of structuring creative transactions that work for all counterparties. That makes us partners of choice.

Our focus on environmental stewardship and a strong expertise in governance appeals to both generalist and ESG-focused investors, while our carbon credit business model is the only one of its kind.